Talent Development at Kautex - See why Kautex is the place for you

You're looking for an organization that focuses on developing talent and driving performance, where your skills and expertise are recognized and rewarded. You want to work for a company that has a history of innovation and leadership in its industry. You want to work where strong individual performance isn’t just a bullet point on a performance review, but an inherent part of the culture and where teamwork is valued and embraced. You want to be at a company where talent is a true competitive advantage. Then consider Kautex.

Working for Kautex means being part of a team that supports your development through internal promotions, special assignments and cross- functional experiences.

We love to fill leadership positions from within our own company and, once a year, we identify employees with high potential who we then systematically develop into management.

Kautex puts strong focus on talent development. There are regular talent discussions between the employee and the employer.
Srikanth Varadarajan, Senior Product Engineer at Kautex Bonn

In an international company with locations in more than a dozen countries, mobility is important for employees with ambitions for a professional career: Opportunities may become available at any of our global locations. We also constantly interact with our parent company Textron to provide employees growth opportunities throughout the complete enterprise.