A Leader in Castings

CWC manufactures engine components (camshafts, balance shafts, bearing caps) for a variety of applications including automotive, agricultural and power sports engine programs. In addition to producing rough cast engine components, CWC has the capability to undertake rough machining and material hardening. CWC is a technical leader in lobe hardening required in most modern engine applications and is sought after for its technical expertise and focus on quality. Using flame heat, oil quenching and cryogenic freezing and tempering techniques, CWC alters the metal microstructure to each customer’s unique specifications. 

Materials & Processes


  • Ductile Iron: Material Specifications 
  • Alloyed Gray Iron: Material Specifications

Casting / Molding

  • Cupola Melt – 1 Cupola
  • Holding Furnaces – (2) 50 ton Ajax
  • Horizontal Cope & Drag / Green Sand Molding

Rough Machining

  • End milling / Centering / Chamfering
  • Gundrilling
  • CNC Machining

Flame Hardening

  • CWC has been flame hardening camshafts for many years. We make approximately 5 million flame-hardened camshafts annually and have never had a failure in the field.
  • As the single-source camshaft supplier to Toyota North America, we understand the importance of quality in our flame-hardening process.

Austempering/Selectively Tempered Ductile Iron (SADI)

  • CWC's selective tempered ductile iron (SADI) process exhibits the strength, ductility and wear-resistance for applications up to 255 KSI HERTZ. This CWC innovation allows us to offer our customers camshafts that can withstand higher engine stress and a significant cost savings when compare to steel or assembled camshafts.


Certifications / Accreditation / Awards

As with its sister companies, CWC has been recognized by regulatory agencies, state agencies and customers alike for outstanding quality and commitment to the environment.

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